“School counselors provide students and families with guidance and support, but they rely on Bainbridge Youth 五福彩票官网版下载 to provide confidential mental health services that exceed what a 五福彩票官网版下载 district can offer.  Their partnership represents additional, significant, and superior support to our youth.”

-Faith Chapel, Superintendent, Bainbridge Island School District


“Our youth are faced with the greatest challenges ever endured by the rising generation.  BYS provides services that allow young people to navigate these troubled waters.  I have personally spoken to several youth who have taken advantage of the services provided and without them, they feel that there would have been very little hope of improving.  Supporting BYS is crucial in the healthy development of our young people.”

-Matt Hamner, Chief of Police, Bainbridge Island


“Having three daughters who graduated from BHS, I can personally attest to the value of Bainbridge Youth 五福彩票官网版下载. The road to adulthood is difficult and BYS offers our children many resources to aid in their safe passage including counseling, work opportunities, support groups and educational opportunities for both children and their parents. I am so impressed at the continuing evolution of the role of BYS in our community and  I wish you every success in the future.”

-Robin Goldston, Director of Public Relations, The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island


“We are incredibly fortunate to have Bainbridge Youth 五福彩票官网版下载 here on campus at BHS. The resources they offer are invaluable to both teens and parents. Counselors and medical professionals are there to listen and help in a safe and confidential way. Free peer tutoring in all subjects is also available, as are job placement boards. The compassion and understanding they give to so many is extraordinary. We hope all students and parents know about and feel comfortable using this incredible community resource.”

-Karey Manor, Bainbridge High School PTSO President


“Bainbridge Youth 五福彩票官网版下载 has been a trusted name for 50 years, providing counseling and job opportunities for our youth. It is also now a dynamic organization, meeting youth on their own terms with innovative outreach initiatives such as and co-sponsoring the Bainbridge Healthy Youth Summits. As a parent, I value the caring and creative resources BYS offers to support youth well being.”

-Cezanne Allen, Chair, Raising Resilience